08/27/2017 ARTICLE


Welcome to Audiosthetics, a place to discover new music with a strong video element. Custom art, music videos, and visual edits are on display throught this site.

In addition to being a one stop shop for all Strange Dynamics and affiliates, we will be sharing other music and videos we enjoy, and playlists and reviews to help discover and compile this form of entertainment.

Our email is AUDIOSTHETICS@GMAIL.COM , thanks for stopping by and enjoy the site.

08/24/2017 11:10 am ARTICLE
Vaporwave Guide


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Still not totally sure what qualifies as Vaporwave, and what is just slowed down Diana Ross? This chart was compiled by the good folks on 4chan's music board. it has a list of vaporwave essentials, including most of the albums that helped create the genre. Close your eyes, imagine your favorite dystopia through a retro 90's filter, and enjoy.